Vestas by the numbers

Better use of energy

Vestas has a policy to purchase renewable electricity where available. By procuring renewable electricity and in collaboration with suppliers and authorities, Vestas seeks to ensure better access to renewable electricity. To meet Vestas' WindMade commitment and renewable energy goals, a wind power plant has been established internally to balance out electricity bought in countries where Vestas is not able to buy renewable electricity.

Vestas' energy consumption has decreased from 2012Q2 to 2013Q2. Lower activity level in the second quarter of 2013 compared to second quarter 2012 as well as the closure of the factories in Hohhot, China and Olvega, Spain and the sales of the tower factory in Varde, Denmark are the main reasons for the reduction of energy.

It is positive to note that Vestas' consumption of renewable electricity has reached 100%. Mainly due to reduced consumption at sites using non-renewable electricity as well as an increased electricity production from own wind turbines, where more MW has come into operation.

On average over the last four quarters, Vestas facilities worldwide used 19.0 percent less energy in wind turbine production than last quarter's average.

The graph shows how much energy, measured in megawatt hours, is needed to produce a wind turbine with the capacity to generate 1 megawatt per hour. In 2009, for example, the average was about 88 MWh/MW, meaning the wind turbines had to run at full speed for 88 hours to produce enough energy to make up for Vestas' production.

On average over the last four quarters, Vestas facilities worldwide drew less of their energy from renewable sources. The company's renewable energy use worldwide was 54.5 percent, down from an average of 54.7 percent last quarter

Vestas facilities worldwide also used less renewable electricity. The company's renewable electricity use worldwide averaged 94.2 percent over the last four quarters, down from an average of 94.4 percent last quarter

The graphs show the proportion of energy and electricity that come from renewable sources.

On average over the last four quarters, Vestas facilities worldwide used about the same amount of electricity as the average from a quarter before.

The chart shows how much of each different type of energy -- electricity, district heating, gas, fuel and oil -- that Vestas factories worldwide used in production last quarter.

A note about the numbers: In most cases, the numbers presented here are based on either annual or four-quarter rolling averages. For example, the total displayed for the second quarter of 2010 actually represents an average of that quarter and the three quarters before it. This is done to smooth out seasonal variations in production and supply, to more accurately show trends in resource use at Vestas. Injuries and employment information are the only aspects not calculated on a rolling basis.

Renewable energy usage by country